Rate the awesomeness of images for a better user experience.

Rate the awesomeness of images for a better user experience.

Rank images with the aesthetic image API for a better user experience. And then? What do you gain spending time and money on this?

Our brain is a very effective computer that does a lot of "subconsious" work for us so that we don't have to filter what we see around us all day. Without even realising it you did it while reading these 3 lines of text.

When we are browsing online for whatever you're browsing for online you click here and there whatever you like. This "whatever" is actually a complex "trained" filter in your brain what you like. To save you from wasting time on stuff you don't like in the first place.

This is what deeplearning is doing for us. This technology is able to get trained to "see" like we "see". In this way we can train it to recognise simple objects but more important is that we train it to recognise "concepts" like "feel good"

We trained a model that can recognise the "beauty" of an image in the sense of conversion. Like how much is this image contributing to me booking this room? We call it our conversion classifier and its available for you to use and train more.

Feedback loop

When you work at an Online Travel Agency you only want to show the images that contribute to a fast conversion. This model is doing that for you. But even beter, you can re-train this model with your own feedback data in your own domain.

Secret sauce

Feedback data is something that you do not want to share. Therefore we offer our API "on premise" You can run it on your own server and nobody can access the data but you. We will assist you in understanding and running the process in no time. You can even apply it in real time (learning) environments.

Monetize it.

The monetization of this classifier seems evident. If you believe that images sell the hotel room than this algorithm is something you want. And the more feedback data the better the algorithm gets. Conversion increase of 10% to 20% is not an exception. That is clean profit but also consider the long term . With increased Netto Promotor Score your brand gets stronger and your competition weaker.

The power of data science without data scientists.

Now you can benefit from the full power of data science without employing a single data scientist. With our API you use the complete data science faculty of the University of Amsterdam and have the latest technology "in house".

Get started today!

They key to success in many things is "start simple" I always add to that "start in the most simple way to test market response" Because that is what we want, a more effective and profitable product. When this simple setup is starting to reap success than we can expand quickly and get scale advantages.

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