See the room = book the room.

Or better said, how do Online Travel Agencies make money with searchable visual content?

If you are looking at 10 random hotels at or any other OTA you will see a totally random sequence of images with a totally random image quality as well. Why? They don’t know what’s in the images.

As everybody knows that images on OTA’s sites are major conversion drivers. Does anyone book a hotel without seeing the images? Probably (quite sure) not. Expedia published a research all about the influence of imagery in the booking process.

Insight in images with artificial intelligence apps becomes more and more a commodity and this will change the way you will get offered your hotel room on any OTA. The technology offers a way to duplicate the human perception of images. A Dutch company called Cliqorange has developed an app that can extract travel experiences and travel activities on top of regular “tags” out of any image. Offering users an “experience” appears to be a very successful way to engage users into bookings. Images with a “romantic sunset” or rooms especially decorated for children. This new a.i. app can detect it all together with more than 5000 other tags.

So OTA’s can now rank their hotels on features they show in their images. Rooftop pools, a cool bar, happy staff at the reception desk and more conversion drivers. But even more offer specific target groups tailored content. Couples get couples content, backpackers get backpack content and a business traveler won’t get bothered with romance for 2 content.

How they do it? Their own data science team hooked up with leading universities in the world in the field of computer vision to get the latest “state of the art” technology in very specific fields. And according to Marcel Ruijken, CEO of this company this is a winning strategy because pace of artificial intelligence development is just too rapid to keep up as a stand alone company. Now we can use algorithms developed somewhere in the world to meet our clients needs. Some algorithms or models as we call take more than a year to develop with our own team. Our clients cannot what a year, they want to jump in right now.

“And we have a whole bunch of new cool stuff in the pipeline” That is why customers do business with us, we are on the same train with the same goal. “We don’t just let you use our API, we co-develop you’re apps too if you like” says Ruijken.


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Marcel is on of the founders of Cliqorange and crazy about travel and technology.


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