Make search easy for more bookings.

Reinvent search to make it more intuitive and get more bookings.

The problem with hotel search is that there are just too many variables to choose from. Expedia research shows that people go up to a 150 times online before make a (damn) booking. Do they have nothing better to do would you think?

For a part searching for holiday content is just for fun. To get inspired and to waste some spare time. But then comes the “serious search” where you really want to find the best place to stay for you money. So what do we understand under “the best”?

Of course price and location but then? A certain standard of luxury? Hotel features like swimming pool, breakfast, gym, room size, interior design, romantic, family friendly, kids friendly. This list can go on forever. How to select? With check boxes? Impossible! Way too much options.

The solution is visual search. In the end the buying decision depends on a great part on the “feeling” a user has with in their eyes the best option. With images you can tap in much faster into what “feeling” a user is looking for.

Order the hotel images in such a way that they can connect to “feeling groups” Sounds vague? With the CliqOrange API you can tag images with all kind of tags. From objects in images to real “experiences” like “romance and wine” So let’s make some interesting combinations in a city like Bangkok:

  1. spa and wellness

  2. rooftop bar

  3. images with couples

This will give as a result all hotels that have images that include these three features in the selected geo location and romance and luxury for couples. Real time as search result or automate these results to your email campaigns.

This opens a complete new “human way” of communicating with your users. And not only that you also get a lot of new information about your users because you know what they are looking at.


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Marcel Ruijken
Marcel is on of the founders of Cliqorange and crazy about travel and technology.

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