Let Artificial Intelligence make you $$$

At Cliqorange.com we are not the only ones working hard to create state of the art computer vision and other A.I. tools to make life easier searching, choosing and booking trips. So here are some interesting others out there in the field.

But first lets get a misunderstanding out of the way. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence (yet..) Algorithms created nowadays with machine learning and deep nets are just tiny bits of intelligence created by humans. There are still a lot of limits just because the “human” is a very diverse intelligence combining a wide variety of processes and interactions.

Having said that let’s go to the fun part, what we already can enjoy made possible by A.I.

First I want to show you the Tripoto travel assistance it’s a very useful chatbot to help you discover any destination. It’s an a.i. bot, and a  very good one. The success of botsis due to the fact that humans like to talk to humans (or have the idea that they do) Most bots are powered with machine learning algorithms to talk to you in the most natural way. Chatting away about your next trip Tripoto is building a relationship you. Try it.

Forevery. Not really new but as its creator Matt Zeller from Clarifai just picked up 30 million in a series B funding I thought I mention it again. They have trained classifers on the Imagenet library and smartly differentiated them into several products. One of them is Forevery, an iphone app that lets you categorize your photo’s on the camera roll. But not only that, it also has face recognition so you can find all your mother in law’s images really fast. Further it can detect landscapes, parties, smiles and more. They turned object recognition into concepts. Give it a try.

Google Now on Tap. Its not an app but a function baked in your your Android system. Successor of Goggles this just works anywhere on your phone. The browser, images and apps. You just pull it up to see what’s actually going on. So when you are in a town and dont know whats in front of you, pull out your phone and activate the camera and then pull up the “Now on Tap” function. It not only tells you what you see it also gives links to whatever is relevant. A.I. at your fingertips without even realizing it. Read more about this here. So not a specific travel app but standard in your phone. Thats’ evolution!


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