“Concierge” a blockchain solution for cheaper hotel rooms?

The blockchain has been around now for a few years and everybody has heard of the craziness on the cryptocurrency markets. But what is often overlooked is the functionality of blockchain. In this case for the hotel booking industry.

Blockchain is honest, cheap and completely automatically.  Concierge.io claims to disrupt the current supply chain with players like Booking.com and Expedia. That will be a tough battle but who knows perhaps people start to see the advantage.

The main reasons for users will be trust, price and convenience. With so few people know why you can and should trust a service because its decentralized that argument will be difficult to sell. Then price. Hotels have to live with the necessary evil of OTA’s but are really eager to cut those 15% commission costs. So if “Concierge” can solve this problem they have the hotels on their site. Convenience. That will be difficult too as Booking.com performs a couple of hundred A/B tests a day that site is optimized beyond optimization so to say. That will take a lot of resources to build something compatible.

Only for these reasons it will be difficult for Concierge and there are more obstacles on the road. Think of the awareness of clients to use there tokens instead of fiat currency.

But for all changes in behavior we need pioneers and Concierge is definitely one of them just as Winding Tree, and Quickchain and probably more.


About The Author

Marcel is on of the founders of Cliqorange and crazy about travel and technology.