Content Production

Content Production

Cliqorange is a high end content producer for more than a decade. Photography and video production for lead generation and online booking conversion.

How to videos: Explain how your product or service works.

Vlog Videos: This is a great way to showcase your hotel or company to your potential customers.

Aerial Video. We have licensed drone pilots that make awesome aerial videos from your property.

Social Media Video Ads. Embrace the power of video ads. The more engaging the content is for your audience the lower the cost per click for your video ad.

Cloud Edit

We have made videos for hundreds of companies. We know that employees have great skills at creating content and visualize content about the product and brand.

This service empowers that. Your people do the filming and we do the editing as a cloud service within 24 hours. Now you can start create content at scale for internal use and social media.

Turn your training video, event video, presentation video, vlog video into a high quality piece of content.

Save thousands of dollars by not hiring expensive production agencies and have control of all content in one place. Nothing comes online if it does not meet your standards, we take care of that.


Together with the University of Amsterdam we developed a.i. technology to curate and rate images to potential conversion ability. This tool can be used to tag large databases of images with quality labels.

Interested what this can do for you? Request more information via the contact form.

Influencers vlog network

More and more people start vlogging. As any hotel should have their own vlog they also should have a campaign with vloggers with the right target audience to showcase the hotel or business.

Cliqorange has a network of vloggers around the world. We also manage the production of these vlogs to the brand requirements.

This can be a very powerful marketing tool. More info? Click here.

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